Top Tips For Choosing The Best Patio Design

Posted on by Laughton Landscapes

A patio in Kettering– perfect for alfresco get-togethers, social BBQ’s or just to sit beneath the setting sun sipping on a glass of cool white wine; this is the dream that man of us have, but without a patio it’s hard to make your garden adapt to your needs. To help you transform your garden, we at Laughton Landscapes have come together to give you some advice on how you can design your patio to suit your needs.

Tip One: Choose your Patio

The material you want to use in your patio will affect the entire ambience of the garden, so it’s important that you are aware of your options. Brick and stone paving are among the most popular, as concrete doesn’t always look as visually pleasing. A brick paving can be done in a pattern, adding to the overall look of the garden.

If however you are after texture, then stone paving is definitely for you and is reminiscent of holidays abroad depending on which stone you use.

Tip Two: Shapes & Lines

The best way to enhance your garden with a patio is to look at the existing lines and shapes which are already present in your garden. Do you want a patio area that seamlessly blends into the garden itself, or do you want strong, bold lines which are modern and contemporary?

If you are still struggling to come to a decision and you would like professional help, then we at Laughton Landscapes are able to help. We are professional designers who can come and assess your garden, and by listening to your needs and requirement draw up a completely bespoke design.

With our help, your garden will never look or be used in the same way again! Call us today on 01933 652 786 or click here to fill in our online contact form.