Garden Design Ideas

Posted on by Laughton Landscapes

For many people the garden is an extra room so it deserves as much attention as the inside of your home. When it comes to designing and creating the ideal look there are so many different design ideas so here are just a few ideas to incorporate into your garden design plan to add style and character to your landscape:

Stepping Stones

Are you fed up of traipsing mud into the house every time you pop outside to the shed or to hang the washing out? Why not consider adding some stepping stones to your garden design it’s a great way to avoid the mud and will add an element of interest to a plain layout.


Not only is a pond a fantastic way to add beauty and wildlife into your garden. Not only do they create a great focal point for your garden but they are also good for the environment as they provide a haven for all sorts of wildlife.


Many people waste the space in the garden leaving it a compost area or a place for the kids to throw their toys. Make use of the wasted space and incorporate a decking area into your garden. Steps that lead down to the decking make the perfect hide away as well as adding character and life to your garden.


If you want to add interest to an otherwise boring garden, a patio will instantly add interest to a plain lawn area.


If you have a box shaped garden without character, then why not try some railway sleepers to enhance your flowerbeds. Add some willow screening instead of a fence, this will provide an interesting feature to give any garden some life.

Whether you are planning on re-designing your garden or buying someone a garden design project for Christmas make us your first port of call. Here at Laughton Landscapes our garden designers in Northampton can help you with inspiration for your garden as well as the planning and design process so that it’s tailored to your requirements. For more information about our services call us on: 01933 652 786 or contact us here.