Landscape Gardening Designers Corby

Posted on by Laughton Landscapes

With the warmer weather just around the corner, attention has started to switch from indoor renovations and upkeep to the outside area of a property, most notably the garden. From small ‘refurbishments’ to significant landscape gardening Corby, now is a great time to prepare your property’s external surroundings. Specialists within this area like Laughton Landscapes can provide a multi-purpose space that can be enjoyed all year round. After all, a garden is for life, not just for summer.

High quality designers will let their clients have as much input into the landscaping procedure as possible. Teams like Laughton Landscapes bring the skill and expertise to the table, but it is the customer that will experience the garden area on a daily basis, so it is great if they sit in on the brainstorming process.

When undertaking garden landscaping all aspects of the possible layout need to be discussed, along with features that will add a feeling of ‘showpiece’ to the area, such as water features, patios, decking, paving, fencing, as well as a planting strategy. Lighting and privacy measures can also be discussed here.

Water features are an excellent way of winding down after a hard day at work. The team at Laughton Landscapes can construct an array of different structures and styles, to create any kind of water feature imaginable.

A pergola is a garden feature that can be designed to offer an enticing walkway from one area to another. Vines and climbing plants can be ‘trained’ to scale the pergola to add another element to the lattice structure, resulting in an almost continental garden design.

Decking and fencing are two more design aspects that add value and appeal to a garden. Decking provides that all-important surface for walking on and a sturdy foundation for any furniture or equipment. An appropriate fence will be aesthetically-pleasing while providing essential security and privacy. Along with the other features outlined above, they play a key role in successful landscape gardening Corby.