Why Choose a Creative Garden Designer?

Posted on by Laughton Landscapes

Picasso’s artworks aren’t timeless pieces that are revered throughout the world because he stayed within the lines and filled his canvas with brushstrokes that were similar to those produced by previous artists, but because he embraced his creativity and let it flow. The same applies when you are looking for a garden designer Wellingborough, because one who is unimaginative and stays within the lines will provide you with a garden design that is just ‘okay’, while creative garden designers like those at Laughton Landscapes will provide you with a true work of art.

We believe that your garden shouldn’t just be a place where you mow the lawn when the grass gets a little too long, but instead an extension of you and your house: a functioning part of your property that provides a place of sanctuary when you want to relax but also somewhere that engages your senses and inspires you when you need a burst of life.

This can only be achieved by employing a garden designer with creativity, and with a breadth of experience in designing gardens to a whole host of different briefs while working with different shapes and sizes, we are exactly that. Offering a free no obligation meeting in your garden, you will begin to see the visual driven process of our work right from the genesis of the project, as we will create something that is truly unique to your garden and in tune with your needs – from the landscaping all the way to your new garden furniture.

The intricate detail of our garden design will even go all the way down to a planting plan that will show the exact position of individual plants which will be chosen according to the season and the bursts of colour they will bring to your garden. Like brushstrokes being placed across a canvas by a brilliant artist, our garden designer Wellingborough practice the perfect amount of creativity that is infused with knowledge and experience. Like the sound of what we can offer? Why not get in touch with us today for a free meeting in your garden?

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