Contemporary Garden Design In Rugby

Posted on by Laughton Landscapes

One of the main drawing points when purchasing a new property is whether there is a reasonably sized garden; during the summer the kids have a safe environment to play in and adults can enjoy relaxing alfresco meals after a hard day at work. Unfortunately, during the months when the weather isn’t so great, many homeowners neglect their gardens and they become overgrown and unusable. There is one company that specialises in garden design Rugby and the surrounding areas that could help property owners to get their garden into shape for the better weather.

This specialist in garden design Rugby, Laughton Landscapes, has many years experience in the garden landscaping trade. Their fully qualified team are always involved in training to learn about the very latest techniques and materials. With their expertise and specialist knowledge of plants, they are able to create a contemporary environment that will bloom all year around.

Initial consultations always take place in the clients back garden, whilst there the design team can get a real feel for the amount of space that they have to work with and how the sunlight falls on the garden on a daily basis. Their garden design team will discuss the various aspects of the garden design, whether they would like water features, a lawn, patios or seating areas.

Their many years experience makes them well placed to design a garden that can be enjoyed at all times of the day. They always make sure that gardens can be easily maintained, if you aren’t too keen on a lawn, they are a specialist in the design of patios Rugby too.

If your garden could benefit from some attention before the better weather arrives, take a look at the range of services available from this specialist in garden design Rugby. If you are keen to get moving on your garden transformation, contact the team to arrange a consultation.