Top Tips to Maintain Your Garden in the Winter

Posted on by Laughton Landscapes

Whether you’re an avid gardener or garden maintenance is a chore that you hate, we all face the same problem of garden maintenance during the winter. It’s not just the cold and hostile weather that stops us getting out into the garden to do some work, a lot of us are unsure about when the best time is to carry out certain chores. Here at Laughton Landscapes we are expert garden designers in Kettering and we are committed to helping you getting the most of your garden. We’ve put together some great tips to help with your winter garden maintenance:

The Perfect Time to Prune

Winter is a great time to get out the shears and do some major pruning. If you have ornamental trees, rose bushes or shrubs in your garden then prune them back by around half; this will stop branches becoming damaged in high winds.

What About Your Lawn?

The best thing to do in the winter is to leave your lawn alone and that means, don’t even walk on it if want it to look its best. Walking on grass that is brittle from frost will simply break the blades and leave unsightly muddy patches where you’ve been walking.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

Keep an eye out for snow this winter and protect your trees and large bushes against it; although snow-laden branches are a beautiful sight, the excess weight can cause a lot of damage to weak branches so be sure to shake off any snow.

Protect Your Plants

If you have plants in your garden or in pots that are particularly vulnerable to the frost then it’s essential that you protect them if you want to see them again in the summer.

Your garden can look great in the summer and the winter when you keep on top of your garden maintenance but if your garden isn’t looking its best then here at Laughton Landscapes we can help you to create an original garden that is both beautiful and practical. Why not contact us today if you would like more information about our design and landscaping services?